Temperament Evaluation

Temperament evaluations are conducted to help predict how each individual dog might act or react in the various environments found at Cahaba Beach Dog Park. In order to be approved to play in our day care or dog park, your dog must demonstrate friendly behavior towards people and other dogs.

What does a temperament evaluation consist of?

When you bring your dog in for their evaluation, they’ll first meet one of our kennel supervisors in the lobby, who’ll observe the way your pup reacts with our employees, or any clients or dogs that may be there as well. They will then be walked through our kennel and slowly introduced to our daycare yard. First, they’ll greet a few playmates through the fence, and if they aren’t showing any signs of hostility, will then be allowed to mingle with a couple of new friends in a holding area. Our staff will be watching for any serious exhibitions of aggression or fear throughout the entire encounter at our facility. If they are friendly and confident, they will be cleared to participate in all group play!

I’ve never seen my dog react poorly to a fellow pup or any human. He’d never hurt a fly! He’ll pass no problem, right?

While we certainly trust any information you give us about your canine pal, unfortunately, that won’t always be the case. The daycare atmosphere is incredibly foreign to most of our visitors, and there are several aspects that could greatly impact your dog’s behavior and comfort level. For instance, some pups do wonderfully with one-on-one or small group play, but may feel threatened by a high number of dogs in a smaller area, like our daycare yard. Or perhaps his confidence is directly linked to your presence, causing him to lash out when he loses that safety net. We of course want your dog to pass, and will try our best to make that happen! Remember though, whatever the outcome, we have their best interest at heart. We want everyone to be happy, comfortable, and safe when they visit the beach!

Do I need an appointment?

Our evaluations require a reservation for you to drop off your dog for at least 2 hours and preferably for a ½ day to full day of observation and play time. Give us a call a day or more prior to and we will be glad to set up an appointment. Temperament evaluation appointments can be set for Monday-Saturday.

How much does it cost?

The fee for the temperament evaluation is $20. Each additional dog residing in the same household is complimentary if done on the same day. Should your dog happen not to pass, there is no charge. Once we are confident that your pup will be able to safely enjoy group play activities you will receive a trial pass for our off-leash dog park.

*There is no fee charged if the evaluation is completed during a boarding/overnight stay. Up-to-date vaccinations must be provided before dogs can receive the evaluation.

What requirements are needed prior to our 1st visit?

  • Up-to-date vaccinations must be provided for DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella and he/she must be at least 10 days past their 3rd round of puppy shots.
  • All dogs older than 7 months must be at least 4 weeks post spay or neuter.
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