Dog Park

What do you picture when you think about a dog park? Close your eyes and visualize a wooded mountain retreat complete with walking trails and waterfalls. Now add an open play yard. Complete the image with decks, brick paved patios, and benches where you can relax and enjoy the view. If you had your dog beside you, it would be pretty close to perfect. Guess what, you can have all of this and more at Cahaba Beach Dog Park.

You and your canine companion can unwind and enjoy natural surroundings in our three-acre, leash-free dog park. As your dog bounds through the park to greet his canine playmates, you can walk the groomed trails or take a break on one of the deck or patio benches. No matter where you start, everyone winds up at the waterfall where the sound of the tumbling water washes away the day’s stress and the dogs delight in splashing through the shallow pool. Then, when it’s time for dog and human play, you can make your way to the open meadow play yard for a game of Frisbee or fetch the tennis ball. You and your dog will never run out of things to do at Cahaba Beach Dog Park.

Because we care about you and your dog, safety first is our motto. Our park is completely fenced. A series of multiple double-latched gates prevents accidental escape. A separate area has been provided specifically for small dogs who feel more comfortable playing with others their own size. All members’ dogs have been vaccinated and evaluated for temperament. You can rest assured that everything possible has been done to ensure the safety of your pet while enjoying Cahaba Beach Dog Park.

Cahaba Beach Dog Park is a private, members only, dog park catering to the dog community. We want the best for our dogs. When you get down to it, we can’t imagine that you want less than the best for your dogs either.

**All pets must pass our temperament evaluation in order to be permitted to use the park.

**All pets need to be up to date on their DHLPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations.


There are many advantages to a private dog park. We are proud to offer a safe and clean environment for you and your pets to enjoy. Only vaccinated and temperament evaluated animals are permitted, so you can feel at ease letting your best friend frolic in our park. Admission to the park is available to members only. We offer several different Park Memberships.

Park Pass Memberships:

  • 1 month membership $20 for single dog, $25 for multiple dogs
  • 3 month membership $50 for single dog, $65 for multiple
  • 6 month membership $100 for single dog, $125 for multiple
  • 12 month membership $180 for single dog, $220 for multiple dogs

    **All dogs must have an evaluation completed by our staff and approved for group play prior to entry to the park. 
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