We know your dog’s appearance is important to you but dog grooming is more than maintaining that “just from the stylist” look. Grooming is about maintaining your dog’s physical health as well. At Cahaba Beach Dog Park, we offer a variety of options to keep your dog happy, healthy, and looking his best.

We offer discounted baths for daycare dogs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays by appointment only.
(pricing based on size, applies to Beach Bum bath and Ruff n’ Fluffs)

Please call or email to reserve grooming services.

Grooming is an essential part of dog wellness care. Regular grooming helps identify any abnormalities, control fleas and ticks, prevent itchy skin, and care for eyes, ears, and teeth. We are happy to offer a full range of grooming services from a simple bath to freshen up your pup to a full service spa day. Let our staff pamper your pooch. We use high quality bath products formulated for all types of skin and fur conditions.

Some dogs can become nervous or stressed while being groomed. Our professional grooming staff has experience with shy, anxious dogs. Care is taken to give frequent breaks and work with these dogs in a calm, gentle manner reducing their level of stress so they can relax and enjoy their grooming experience. To ensure their safety, dogs are never left unsupervised. Whether your dog is shy and a bit nervous or lively and bouncy, our staff will adapt to meet their physical and emotional needs to create a stress free grooming affair.

**All pets need to be up to date on their DHLPP, Bordetella and Rabies vaccinations.


Express GroomSanitary, paw & face trim with our signature spa bath, blow dry & brush out.starting at $35
Professional GroomSpa bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, gland expression, all over cut and style, blow dry.starting at $50
De-shedding TreatmentFURminator bath and conditioning followed by a blowout and brushing to reduce shedding (includes nail trim).starting at $70
Hempz Conditioning Bath & GroomSpa bath with special formaulated Hempz Petz conditioning bath products to leave your dog's coat shiny and hydrated (includes all services listed in Professional Groom).starting at $60
Nail ServicesBasic clipping or nail grinding$10-$30
PawdicurePaw massage with pad softning salve, nail clipping and a nailpolish finish$25-$40
De-MattingFor fur needing pre-wash brushouts and cutting and/or shaving mats (we cannot de-mat fur if it will cause undue pain or stress to the dog)varies based on time and % of fur matted
Chalking & DyeingAdd one color or a rainbow! Let our groomer's creativity take over to add a colorful new style for your dog.starting at
$5 for chalking
$10 for dyeing


  • Bath (see pricing below)
  • Nail trim (clip or grind)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal gland expression
  • Brush out
  • De-shedding (pricing starts at $55 and is determined by size and condition of fur)
ServiceDog WeightShort Hair RateLong Hair Rate

A cleansing bath with choice of regular or hypoallergenic shampoo.
0-24 lbs$15$25
25-49 lbs$25$35
50-74 lbs$35$45
75 lbs and over$45$55

A cleansing bath with choice of regular or hypoallergenic shampoo.
Plus a nail trim, ear cleaning, and gland expression.
0-24 lbs$25$35
25-49 lbs$35$45
50-74 lbs$45$55
75 lbs and over$55$65

Features locally made, all natural soaps, soothing paw massage with lavender and bergamot salve, nail trim, ear cleaning and scalp massage, blow dry and lavender finishing spray.

Essential oils. Moisturizing Butter. Sunflower & Neem Oil. Ingredients that are safe for your dog and that help to reduce odor, repel fleas and ticks, and sooth irritated or dry skin.

All products used in the Essentials Spa Bath are made by Borth Beach Soapery.
0-15 lbs$35$35
16-30 lbs$45$45
31-55 lbs$55$55
56 lbs and up$70$70